Friday, 5 November 2010

Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair

The last few weeks have been rather busy, although that is no excuse for correspondence to have been so lacking as of late. Please accept my apologies.

I shall start with the Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair.

This was the 8th to the 10th of October at the Candid Arts Trust gallery in Islington. I should quite possibly have told you about this while it was still on so that you could actually visit, but that is not my style.

It was very enjoyable anyway, and a nice little confidence boost having people say nice things, and even spend their hard earned money on my little creations :)

The exhibition was also the incentive I needed to finally get round to making those screen prints I was banging on about. It was SO FUN and I will definitely be doing more of these very soon.

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Islington hotels said...

hmm it looks interesting. Do you have an idea where can I find more photos of the Islington Art and Design Fair?