Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas Cards

Recently I have been doing a LOT of Christmas cards of various sorts and it looks as though they may be complete (or at least nearly there) HURRAH! I am fond of both Christmas and cards, but will be glad to do something different now and have a break from festive things until the day arrives. Having said that, it looks set to snow very soon round this neck of the woods. EXCITING!

I will introduce my new creations in reverse order, because that's how I roll.

Happy yule, y'all!

Friday, 5 November 2010


I had to miss the last day of the Islington fair and send my father careering like a lost thing around London to find the gallery and take down my work, while I got the train oop narth (that's up north to us Southerners) for two weeks on a work placement on the Illustration team at Hallmark Cards. This was a good decision. While the Islington fair was good, and the journey was horrendous, this proved to be a very very enjoyable two weeks indeed. I learned many things, one being that if you want to draw Forever Friends bears you have to have curly hair, and another being that when you are plunged into an environment like this it can turn you into a trembling lost little kitten.

Anyway, I met some lovely people there and learned a lot about working to an actual brief. I EVEN found myself drawing pretty women with flowing locks and high heeled shoes. It's okay though, I have drawn plenty of awkward looking big-nosed funny-haired men since.

These are some of the cards I designed there.

Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair

The last few weeks have been rather busy, although that is no excuse for correspondence to have been so lacking as of late. Please accept my apologies.

I shall start with the Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair.

This was the 8th to the 10th of October at the Candid Arts Trust gallery in Islington. I should quite possibly have told you about this while it was still on so that you could actually visit, but that is not my style.

It was very enjoyable anyway, and a nice little confidence boost having people say nice things, and even spend their hard earned money on my little creations :)

The exhibition was also the incentive I needed to finally get round to making those screen prints I was banging on about. It was SO FUN and I will definitely be doing more of these very soon.