Friday, 2 April 2010

Quote Illustration

This is my page for the Quotes and Sayings book that the University College Falmouth Illustration course publishes every year :D

It is a quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray, "noiselessly, and with silver feet, the shadows crept in from the garden". At this point he has just found out that Sibyl Vane has killed herself because of him, and he is contemplating his actions for so long that darkness creeps in without him realising. I haven't seen the film yet and wasn't sure if I wanted to but I think I may do now if only to see if their treatment of this scene is anything like mine! I know for one thing that they have given him straight dark hair when Oscar Wilde specifically stated the opposite.

Also, Illustrators, don't worry I've only put them text there for show :P

I have quite enjoyed doing this and am thinking it might be quite fun to doing something else Dorian Gray related...


Lil said...

This is amaaaazing :) So atmospheric and rather dark! I love your illustration work!

☆Sumi☆ said...

One of my favourite books and such a beautiful illustration!! I really love the shapes of the shadows. <3